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Promovieren in Zeiten der Pandemie

<b>sNAILing my PhD</b>

sNAILing my PhD


Foto: Philipp Schwintek

Thema der Dissertation: Thermal gradient driven formation of homochiral domains in hydrogels starting from racemic polynucleotide mixtures

Kommentar: Ever since the lockdown because of the pandemic started, doing a PhD in experimental biophysics became a lot slower. Scheduled presence in lab makes it hard to do all the necessary steps for an experiment in one day. Communication with other lab members has decreased significantly, contributing more to isolation. Working in silence can increase your ability to focus but in turn lowers the threshold of frustration. Especially when doing research in the field of the origin of life. Finding the origin of homochirality in biomolecules already was the search for the needle in the haystack... But now... I feel like sitting on the back of a snail – in a race for a publication and ultimately my degree.