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GC Speed Slam – Sum up Your Research!

The GraduateCenterLMU says thank you to all the creative slammers. Each of them made clear how fascinating their doctoral projects are by telling a catchy story about it. Special thanks go to Prof. Dr. Julia Budka for her entertaining presentation of the GC Speed Slam.

The event in a nutshell: 180 seconds, one static PowerPoint slide - the pace of the GC Speed Slam was as high-pressured as the research on hypertension, presented by one of the competitors. The audience got insights into space medicine and the lethal qualities of carrots. They listened to a reading out of a very special mutant library and to a short story about the Indiana Jones bacterium in our fridges. Another particularly urgent question: why does one of the competitors have a prostate sitting on her desk?

Two slammers convinced the audience in particular and are now preparing for the EUGLOH 3-minutes PhD pitch which will be held at the University of Porto in September 2024. The GraduateCenterLMU wishes them good luck and much success.